Saturday, August 1, 2015

how fast things change!!!

at the beginning of 2015, i was torn between 3 planners... i have stopped using one of them and now i am currently torn between the remaining two...  they are both erin condren life planners... one is the horizontal layout and the other is the vertical layout...

                                                                          vertical & horizontal life planners

i never thought i would be a spiral bound girl, but to my surprise, i am really liking the spiral binding...  i have also been throwing it into my bag and taking it with me...  that is something i never thought i would do, considering that it is larger than my other planners...  it is large to take in and out of my bag if i need to check my schedule, but that really doesn't happen that often...  when erin condren released the new 2015-2016 planners on june 9, i was all set not to order a new one...  then i saw her new horizontal layout...  i knew right then i was in trouble...  i always thought that i was more of a horizontal planner and that this would be a perfect fit for me, so i ordered 2 (one for me and one for my daughter)...  we ordered the ready-to-ship planners and within a week they had arrived at our home...  my daughter switched over and has not looked back...  she loves it...  it will be a perfect fit for her once school starts up again in septemeber...

                                                                      my daughter's horizontal life planner

i, on the other hand, have not been able to decide which i like better...  this is so shocking to me...  i thought that i would switch over to the horizontal and that would be that...  that is not how it has been working out for me...  i was going to give myself the month of july to figure out which i liked better...  i have been using them both...  it is double the writing and planning, but i want to see which planner is working better for me and which one i enjoy using...  i have been noticing pro's and con's for each of the planners...  now that august is here, i still can not decide which i want to continue using...

                                                                              2015-16 vertical life planner

                                                              2015-16 horizontal life planner

i will be continuing to use both for at least the first week of august...  i will be doing a review of both layouts with the pro's and con's of both of them...  first up will be the vertical...  stay tuned...

leslie :-) 

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